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My work explores my personal interpretations of daily life through harmonious mixed media assemblages. It invites the viewer to absorb both the complexity and the clarity of my vision. I construct my paintings in a unified manner to communicate a strong theme on canvas - a method that reflects years of training in traditional Chinese brush painting.
My art layers bold tones of a limited palette to create a landscape of depth and contrast. The understated, minimal quality of the works belies a high degree of complexity. I incorporate a very structured process by adding elements to canvas and taking them away one by one until a finished piece emerges. This process allows me to experiment with varied materials, such as pumice, paper, wood, string and cloth, which I apply in my signature abstract style.
Assembling raw materials in my works transforms them into a symbolic collage expressing the constant movement of people in today's world. I combine materials with explorations of color and composition to create a harmony that transports the viewer into a meditative state where balance, drama and clarity unite.

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